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Facebook, are you drunk?

Our ad account has been shut down by Facebook, because “all of the policy violations we have made”…which we haven’t made.


I am the Chief Marketing Officer at HappyPancake, a dating site/dating app which is available in Sweden, Finland and The Netherlands.

We are doing advertising on several social platforms in the 3 different countries.
During the last 3 years Facebook has continuously shut down some of our ads so I have had to send in appeals.
I have also sent in at least 3 applies for running dating ads on the platform.

All 3 times we have been approved by Facebook. Even though we have approval, our ads have kept being shut down by Facebooks bots. (Mostly on our account for Sweden)

A couple of weeks ago Facebook shut down the whole ad account for Sweden! I’ve been talking to them on Messenger several times and they have said that they will help me sort this out.

Today I got the weirdest e-mail from Facebook after I sent in an appeal for reactivating our ad account for Sweden, see below:

Hi Maria,

Thank you for contacting Facebook Concierge Support. This is Scarlett here. We greatly appreciate your time and patience while we look into your appeal on the disabled ad account with reference number: XXXXXXXXXXX.

We truly understand the importance for you to have your Ad account approved in order to continue your business with Facebook. Therefore, we raised an appeal and the respective team had thoroughly reviewed the asset.

We’ve reactivated your advertising account and you should now be able to create new ads and manage your existing ones. If you have a campaign that’s currently stopped, the ads within the campaign can’t be restarted until the campaign is active again. To turn your ads on:

We had a look at your ad account and unfortunately we won’t be able to re-enable it.

All ad accounts are evaluated for policy compliance and quality of ad content. Due to your ad account consistently promoting ads that don’t comply with our Advertising Policies or other standards, the ad account has been disabled.

I suggest taking a look at our e-learning Blueprint module to better understand our Advertising Policies. You can access the module via this link.

To know more about the Advertising Policies you can refer to this link:


Our goal is to provide the highest quality user experience. We reserve the right to reject any Advertising that we deem contrary to these Objectives. Similarly, we reserve the right to close an Ads Manager that is creating Adverts contrary to these Objectives.

For this reason, if any of your Adverts have been removed or your Ad Account has been disabled, we will be unable to reactivate either. Please consider this decision as final.

I totally understand that this is important for you and your business. If you would like, please feel free to leave us your feedback regarding this feature at the following link: https://www.facebook.com/help/127103474099499/. Any feedback or suggestions that you have are always welcome and will help us to improve the Facebook experience.

They write that they’ve reactivated our account and a few lines below they say that they can’t because of us breaking their policies.

We have spent a lot of money advertising on Facebook for years.
The same type of ads, just getting some ads disapproved sometimes until they manually check them and activate the ad/ads again.

*Note that this is only happening to our account for Sweden (Happened in our account for Finland once for 1 or 2 ads and never again) and not the other 2 countries.
The same ads, just different language and country we target.

I understand that all platforms have policies, and I think they should.
And the thing is…we are not breaking their policy.

This is what I believe happened:

Facebooks bots run through our ads and find that we are running dating ads, which need approval.
They shut that ad or those ads down.
I make an appeal to get the ads manually checked and approved.
Facebook activates them again due to that we are approved to run those ads and the ads are not breaking any rules or policies.

Now this have happened from now and then for about 3 years. Every time Facebooks bots flag and shuts down one of our ads our ad account gets marked as we continuously break the policy.
Even if Facebook manually approve all the ads, the bots still give our ad account red flags.

And now when Facebook have been doing this for years, our ad account has been shut down by Facebook, because all of the policy violations we have made, which we haven’t made.

Do you see the irony in this?

Is it’s ok for a big social platform to act like this?
This will probably make me shut down the other 2 countries ads too, and relocate my Facebook budget to another platform.

Too bad Facebook, you just lost another brand which spends a lot of money on your platform.

/Maria Gester, CMO HappyPancake

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