About me


I’m Maria – Social media-coordinator and freelance writer. I’ll make it easy for you by start telling you why you need me.

All businesses need to know how, where, when, to whom and what to publish on social media to strengthen their brand, drive more traffic to the website and get more customers.

You need a social media strategy as effectively as possible to reach your target audience.
You also need graphics to publish on social media and ingenious textual material in the right tonality.
Maybe you have a corporate blog  (You should!) that needs to be updated continuously by an accomplished writer or texts to the website.

Why should you hire me?

– Because it is smart, saves time and your work becomes easier.

Now you obviously want to know who I am.

om mig about meI am a trained IT coordinator and social media-coordinator, and also a talented photographer.
Previously, I worked as a dispatcher, it support technician, it manager, digital strategist and as a social media executive at a company based in Stockholm, Sweden.
I’m looking for freelance jobs and assignments in social media, and this is my digital resume.

I’m a half wacky, creative person who is straight and honest.
I’m not afraid to take initiative or make and carry out my own ideas.
Outspoken is a good word to describe me and I don’t have that box people are talking about.
My brain is squirting out new ideas all the time and I have a huge interest in photography. It began as early as four years old when I got my first camera from my father, who is a photographer.
Last but not least, I love fresh, green asparagus and horror movies!

I have written/is writing articles and other material on a freelance basis for internetworld.se, Boxmedia, Barntotal.se and Better Bloggers – links to articles, see Published.

My skills:

• Social Media
• WordPress, Joomla
• Photoshop
• Mac PC
• Photo
• Writing

Strengths: Very good at talking
Weaknesses: Chocolate

Feel free to send admiring letters, questions and job offers:


Have a creative day!